Additional stand services

Stand construction and design works

It is possible for the Exhibitor to order standard and design stand construction works and the respective construction and design materials for exhibitions and fairs organized in Estonia or abroad, from Estonian Fairs Ltd or authorized stand building company Expodesign Ltd.

For additional information, please contact with fair project manager (contact information you will get from our web-site or fairs participation terms) or Chief Design Engineer of Estonian Fairs Ltd mr Gunnar Kalmet (phone +372 613 7312, cell +372 503 4379).

It is possible to get help and advice from the Estonian Fairs Ltd also when planning and designing the Exposition Stand.

In case the Exhibitor performs the stand construction works himself/herself or employs his/her subcontractors for that purpose, he/she shall he obliged to coordinate the stand design draft, constructions and materials to be used with Estonian Fairs Ltd within four weeks prior to the opening date of the particular exhibition or trade fair.

The Exhibitor shall be obliged to adhere to the deadlines for mounting and dismounting works stipulated in the terms and conditions for participation in the particular exhibition or trade fair and the fire safety, occupational health and safety and work safety rules effective in the Estonian Fairs Centre.

The standard height of the construction elements used in stand construction works shall be 2.5 m. While using constructions exceeding the said height, a clearance on behalf of the Estonian Fairs Ltd shall be required.

Upon using a visual advertising exceeding the standard height of the stand, the mounting of the advertising carrier shall be coordinated with the Estonian Fairs Ltd and it shall be located 2 meters inward the stand border.

If the weight of the exhibit exceeds a weight load of 1,000 kg/m², its disposition in the stand shall be coordinated with the Estonian Fairs Ltd. Under particularly heavy Exhibits and constructions, a ground plane shall be placed on the floor of the pavilion in order to disperse induced by the work load.
In case the Exhibitor wishes to erect a two- or three-storey stand with a special design, its plan shall be coordinated with the Estonian Fairs Ltd within 4 weeks prior to the commencement of the mounting works of the particular exhibition or trade fair.

The maximum height limit of the two- or more-storey stand shall be 7.5 m, and the minimum distance of the second storey from the boundary of a neighboring stand shall be 2 meters (unless a different agreement has been reached upon with the Estonian Fairs Ltd).

NB! The maximum height limit of the stay of the people servicing and visiting the two- or more-storey stand from the floor level of the halls of the Estonian Fairs Centre shall be 2.6 meters.

The Estonian Fairs Ltd shall be entitled to terminate the construction works of the exhibition or trade fair stand, if the Exhibitor does not adhere to the requirements provided for by Clause 6.1 of the general terms and conditions for participation.

A partial or full dismounting of the stands, the removal of the Exhibits from the stand or the leave of the persons servicing the exposition from the stand prior to the end of the work period of the particular exhibition or trade fair shall not be allowed.